Congo being the homeland to the Mountain Gorillas and Okapi the best wildlife Primates that people are looking for in the World , it s Ranked as one of the best destination for Gorilla Trekking Adventures and Nature Walks in the Jungle Forest. Congo tour operators are based in Rwanda and Congo but they offer the best Gorilla Safaris

We Have Listed the Most reliable Tour Operators that Offer Gorilla Safaris in Congo However Most of the Tour Operators are Based in Rwanda & Uganda but Offering Gorilla Safaris in Congo.

Congo Gorilla Safaris, this Tour Operator Offers Mostly Gorilla Safaris in Virunga and the Lowland Gorillas in the Jungle Forests of Congo.  they have Specialized in gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Congo

Company Name:Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions



Primate Safaris Rwanda

Primate Safaris Rwanda ranked as the best Safari company offering Gorilla tours to Rwanda, Uganda and Congo at discounted prices. The staff & Tour guides of primate safaris Rwanda have experience of 6 year since they started leading mountain Gorilla & Lowland Gorilla tours once joined with Wildlife Experience.