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Rwanda Car Rentals Team and Travel Writer Lukyamuzi bring to you the great Advise to guide you on the Private Guided Safari in Rwanda or Uganda on Self Drive and he Says that you don’t need to forget that Rwanda drives on the Right as its french Colony , it has similar driving signs like those of France , German and Burundi, Congo.

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Driving etiquette relates to the general courtesy rules which communities expect the operators of vehicles to follow while driving. Use of the term dates back to the early 1900s and the use of horse-drawn carriages. Good driving etiquette typically involves being courteous and staying alert which varies by vehicle situation and location involves different rules than etiquette for driving. Failure to adhere to this behavior can lead to increased risk of road collisions, anxiety and to acts of road rage.

Driving etiquette can extend beyond in-vehicle actions (When a courteous driver scrapes the fender or inflicts minor damage to a parked car without its owner present, he leaves a note giving his name, his telephone number, and the name of the insurance company. If the owner is present, the courteous driver exchanges insurance information politely and contacts the proper authorities right away without incident). Breaches in driving etiquette can often be addressed amiably with a simple and immediate expression of apology.

The general guiding principle behind driver etiquette is “one good turn deserves another”. It is considered vital that everyone adheres to good driving etiquette. Speeding and aggressive driving, both examples of poor driving etiquette have been cited as negative factors related to rural highways. Drivers need education about driving etiquette to prevent them getting into accident

Rwanda car rental is a competent car hiring company. However, it goes an extra mile of providing useful information as far as safe driving in Rwanda is concerned. So as a regular driver in Kigali, I have observed people drive with a disregard to driving rules and etiquette. One of the most common offences observed is driving while speaking on a mobile telephone. This is the largest vice.

If a survey was to be made, I can guarantee that 7 out of 10 vehicles on the roads would be driven by people attending to their calls.

These drivers are always very distracted and have the tendency of swerving along the road or slowing down suddenly as they try to keep control of their vehicles while speaking.

This is very dangerous most especially because taxi-motors are prone to being hit by these swerving cars.

Another issue is people not indicating when they are about to turn. Taxi-motors are guilty of often making sudden U-turns in the roads. This is dangerous because vehicles often end up hitting these riders. They also have the habit of swerving between cars from left to right

I appeal first of all to the drivers who have these habits. Our lives are precious and it is a terrible thing to cause an accident. My second appeal is to the traffic police to observe and punish those drivers displaying these vices.

At the end of the day, many lives will be saved and we will be a happy nation. Let us act to stop bad driving etiquette and not react to their devastating consequences.

Drivers can put all these vices to a halt if at all they follow the various well stipulated traffic laws and rules which include the following;

Do not pick up strangers vas these people you pick up on the road can turn into very hostile people with in a brick of an eye.

Do not let your car get too low on fuel/gas. This will help you not to get stark on the road.

In case you get lost, call our office or go to your nearest petrol station, police station or any business for assistance other than asking the locals on the way who might mislead you the more.

It is important to pay special attention to speed limits, road signs and road markings.

It is an offence in Rwanda for the driver of a vehicle to use any communication device while driving.

Cope up with the rules of the road in Rwanda. Remember that Rwandese drive on the right hand side of the road.

Keep your luggage where you can see it and never unattended.

Keep your car doors locked at all time and windows up most especially when parking the car. Lock valuable items in the boot.

Stop at designated viewing or picnic spots only.

At night, park in well-lit areas, hotel parking for security purposes.

This article is authored by Lukyamuzi Godfrey a travel Writer and Reservations Manager at Rwanda Car Rentals  a Car Hire firm in Rwanda with Offices in Kigali Rwanda along Airport Road in Remera Near Kobil Petrol Station.