How You Can Help

The national parks to save Langoué are now being established, but you can still help support the ongoing conservation of these pristine areas by donating to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

WCS Donation Form
Under question 2, specify Other: Gabon National Parks Conservation.

If you prefer to mail in a check, make it payable to Wildlife Conservation Society and send it to

The Wildlife Conservation Society
2300 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, New York 10460

Please write ESRI – Save the Congo on your check so your money is allocated appropriately and for accurate accounting of how you heard about Save the Congo.

Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society, headquartered at the Bronx Zoo in New York, has been involved in wildlife and wild land conservation since its founding in 1895. The organization is now working in 53 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America to preserve fragile habitats and provide conservation education. For more information about the organization and its programs, visit their Web site.