The goal of Save the Congo was to raise $3.6 million that would be used to secure Langoué–one of the last untouched ecosystems on earth, where animals still roam freely unafraid of humans–establish it as a national park, and manage and conserve the areas into the future.

Thanks to the support of thousands of people like you and the dedicated work of Mike Fay and others at the Wildlife Conservation Society, the first part of that mission has now been achieved

  • Wealth in plant life
    Gabonese forests are renowned for their huge diversity in different plant species. They certainly rank among the richest in Africa. Some botanists would even put them at the top of the list.
  •  Wealth in fauna
    Gabon is rich in animals which are threatened or poorly represented at continental or regional levels – nowhere else can you watch elephants on the beach and also hope to see breaching humpback whales from the same spot.
  • A wealth of different landscapes
    From the strange mangroves of the coast to the spectacular savannas of the Bateke Plateaux, the wealth of natural scenery is exceptional.
  • A wealth of different cultures
    The different cultures of Gabon are of great interest. Traditional masks and reliquaries, for instance, hold a special fascination.
  • Tourist facilities
    Hotels are now increasingly comfortable and accessible, and Libreville has become a major crossroads for Central Africa.

Why National Parks of Congo and Gabone ?

  • For the Gabonese people of today and the future, to protect a sustainable source of wealth.
    For everyone on the planet, to protect a very special part of our global heritage.
    A network of National Parks is an essential prerequisite for Gabon’s developing tourist industry.

What surface area?

  • The Central African heads of state have agreed to protect at least 10% of their lands as National Parks. This is part of the “Yaounde Process”.
    According to Gabonese law, the surface area of a National Park cannot be less than 1,000 hectares.

Other types of protected area

  • These include smaller sites and sites of specific interest. Nature reserves, sanctuaries and other categories to ensure appropriate long-term protection for all species and ecosystems.

Congo Gorilla Trekking Tour Operators

In Congo Most of the Tour Companies that Have been Offering Safaris to Virunga for Gorilla Trekking Holidays and Hiking the Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano Treks have Been Based in Rwanda due to the conflicts that have been going on in Congo. Due to the Fact that Conflicts Reduced , Virunga National Park has been Opened to  Tourists that wish to Do Gorilla Trekking in Congo and Hike the Best Volcanic Mountain in Rwanda. Due to the Facts of opening the park , this has Motivated Gorilla Expeditions a Tour Agency Based in Rwanda to Start Organizing Gorilla Trekking Safaris to Virunga.However Just Note that Most of the plans for Gorilla Trekking in  Congo/ Virunga Begin from Lake Kivu Rwanda and Cross to Goma.

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